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Do you have:
A) Tons of steady leads
B) Loads of cash in the old ad budget
C) An obscene amount of self-confidence about your ability to kill it as a Realtor? 

Then keep on moving…nothing to see here. Seriously, go away.

Are you ready to finally make a go of this real estate thing?
Are you tired of seeing other agents climb while you’re stuck in the mud?
Wait…don’t give up on your real estate license–at least not until you’ve heard what I have to say.

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What if you could focus your time to maximize leads that are more likely to turn profitable without spending your limited cash flow? And you would have an experienced broker teaching you step-by-step solutions to your biggest career problems along the way?

What if you could STOP wasting your time chasing leads that go nowhere, STOP spending your limited cash flow on useless marketing ploys that will “advance” your career, STOP pestering your inner circle about buying/selling with you…And you would have an experienced, no bull-shit broker invested in answering your questions and guiding you step-by-step through a proven system that will rocket your real estate career?

I'm Glen, a Real Estate Broker with 20+ Years of Experience

I’m not going to hide behind the “I’m a rich broker with a perfect life” social media persona that most successful realtors and brokers tend to use. I’m way too “weird”, as my kids can attest, and too lazy to craft some perfect-life-with-no-challenges façade anyways.

I’m here to break down my shitty time as a real estate agent for you and then break down exactly how I committed to my real estate license and started what would quickly become a 6-figure business 

Well, I promised you a breakdown, so let’s get into it.

In 2000 I decided to give up a very promising retail management career and head face-first into a real estate career. After a few years as an exclusive buyer’s agent for a team at RE/MAX, I decided I knew enough to launch my own brokerage. No problem, right?

I was so.. so wrong. I made some classic blunders and found 3 things I did not expect a career in real estate to offer up on a silver platter:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Divorce
  3. The feeling of hitting rock-bottom at 35 years old

Brutal. So back to retail management I ran. But, I never let go of my license and never stopped trying to find a way back. I stayed active in real estate on the side, all the while finding the love of my life and raising 6 amazing kids together. Together we dreamed of a different life.

A few years ago, it hit me that I wasn’t getting any younger. And while I had made plenty of money working for several Fortune 300 companies, I knew that my dream of living by the beach, traveling, and running my own business was slowly sliding into the eternal “someday” pile.

You see, I got into real estate to have all of that. Just because it didn’t work out the first time didn’t mean I should stop trying. This was the catalyst that helped me make the most important decision of my career:

I worked my tail off- nights, weekends, early mornings, lunch hours and vacations. Finally, I quit my day job, went all in, and it happened. In less than 6 months, I cracked the code to making multiple six-figures.

Now, I run my dream business from my dream home by the ocean in the Caribbean. I spend every day with my family doing the things we love to do. Yes I work and I work hard, but it’s on my terms and my schedule–not my boss’s. 

I am living my dream and I want you to be able to live yours, too.

Talking Realty’s No B.S. Course, Master Lead Generation: Get more clients, Spend less money & Start building your business, gives you the step-by-step process I’ve used to get results with my real estate license. It’s not the whole enchilada, but it is a huge start to making money in using your real estate license–I know, crazy. 

You might be saying, “But wait, my clients/market/broker/whatever is different.” I’m calling BS on you. These are strategies that have I personally have used in all kinds of situations and they will work for you. 

This is not going to be a “one solution to solve all your problems” kind of course. This course will solve A problem–a really big problem–of how to get more leads with no ad budget. 

This course will also open your eyes. You will learn to see opportunities everywhere that most agents miss because they are too busy trying to do what all the traditional manuals tell you to do. 

Let me ask you this: If the traditional manual works so freaking well, why do 4 out of 5 of agents fail? I’m going to show you a new way to approach this business. One that doesn’t require you to mortgage your house or your soul. 

Yes, you will have to put in some effort, no one can hand you solutions that don’t require some work–if they are, they are full of shit. If you’re looking for no-effort, get rich quick, I suggest you try the lottery. At least that pays off occasionally.

I’m talking about replacing your current efforts with efforts that actually work. You don’t need to do more things, you just need to do the right things and in the right order. 

 I will be here every step of the way coaching you through my online course and available to answer all of your questions. My goal is to help you over the hurdles so you too can see the amazing possibilities that are right around the corner.

As I’ve learned, time is precious, and if you’re looking for a sign that something’s got to change- this is IT.

Don’t run back to your safety-net job just yet, try the strategies for yourself, open your mind to new ways to getting there before you give up.

I want to see you succeed, I want to see MORE successful real estate agents in this world. Most of all I want to help you stop wasting your time and your money on old-school techniques that just don’t work anymore. 

Some people believe that if you get a client, it’s one less for me. That lack mindset is what’s killing this industry. Everyone is so worried that someone else will get “their client”. My personal feeling is that if we work to all get better, the industry will grow and everyone will have more business. Let me take you on this journey with me. Let me show you a better way. 

If you’re not quite ready to jump into the course, stick around. I am putting out a 4 part blog series called Don’t Quit: How To Finally Make It As A Realtor that will show you what’s wrong with old-school real estate marketing practices, how to master natural selling, and how to get the most out of your career with the least amount of time and effort possible. Work less, make more. 

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If you are ready to take the leap to make your real estate career the thing you’ve dreamed of- CONGRATS!🥳

If, on the other hand, you’re tired of hearing your own excuses and tired of feeling like, “hey all those other people are making it–why can’t I”, then take a leap of faith. I promise you are just as smart, driven and fresh-smelling as everyone else so what are you waiting for??
I know you have what it takes to make your dream life a reality using your real estate license and I know you’re going to love this digital course.

Here are 3 things I guarantee you’ll love about this course:

You Get My Exact Playbook

You get the exact playbook I have used to cement new leads, new clients and make money with NO ad budget and NO cold calling prospects with the same old/same old. There’s a much better way.

Leave Your "Circle Of Influence" Alone

I’m not going to ask you to work your “circle of influence” a.k.a., beg your family and soon-to-be EX friends for business. I’ll show you how to get in front of real buyers and sellers who actually want your help.

Everything Is Broken Down Step-By-Step

You’ll get step-by-step breakdowns on where to find the leads, how to approach, how to convert and best of all, how to make sure they never cheat on you.

So, if you’re ready to do this, then let’s get started! You can sign up for the course here or you can email me for more information first at glen@talkingrealty.com.

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Let’s make your proud of what you do — Freedom, success and excitement are all right around the corner!