About Me

I am Glen, a Real Estate Broker with over 20 years of experience

From retail to real estate to retail and back to real estate. My journey was not much different from a lot of people.

In 2000 I decided to give up a very promising retail management career and headed face-first into my real estate career. After a few years as an exclusive buyer’s agent, during which I never failed to earn less than $80,000 annually, I decided I knew enough to launch my own brokerage. 

After running my office successfully for three years, I made several classic blunders and found myself bankrupt, divorced, and at the bottom by 35. This may surprise you, but they don’t make an “Idiot’s Guide” for that particular situation. 

So back to retail management I ran. But you can never go home. I never let go of my license and never stopped trying to find a way back. I kept active on a part-time basis, all the while finding the love of my life and raising 6 amazing kids together. Together we dreamed of a different life.

A few years ago, it hit me that I wasn’t getting any younger. And while I was making plenty of money working for several Fortune 300 companies, I knew that my dream of living by the beach, traveling, and running my own business was slowly sliding into the eternal “someday” pile. 

That’s when I decided it was time to finally scratch the itch again. I worked my tail off–nights, weekends, early mornings, lunch hours–you name it. 

And, when I finally made the no-nonsense decision to go 100% into running a real estate business (read: quitting my “day-job”), it happened. In less than 6 months, I cracked the code to making multiple six-figures. 

The best part, I now run this amazing business from my dream home by the ocean in the Caribbean. I spend every day with my family doing the things we love to do. 

It all seemed so far away and totally out of reach, but it turns out it was always there–just around the corner. My dreams, just like your dreams, were completely attainable but I just couldn’t see them.

Stick with me and I’ll teach you all I can, but if you learn nothing else from me, please get this–ALL the things you want can be yours once you change your mind and widen your vision. I’ll show you. 

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