Get My Exact Playbook

You get the exact playbook I’ve used to cement new leads, new clients, and make money with NO ad budget and NO cold calling prospects.

Leave Your "Circle Of Influence" Alone

I’m not going to ask you to work your “circle of influence” a.k.a., beg your family and soon-to-be EX friends for business. I’ll show you how to get in front of real buyers and sellers who actually want your help.

Everything Broken Down Step-By-Step

You’ll get step-by-step breakdowns on where to find the leads, how to approach, how to convert and best of all, how to make sure they never cheat on you.

Master Lead Generation: Get More Clients, Spend Less Money & Start Building Your Business

3 Simple step-by-step modules

The course is delivered digitally, right here. Easy to log in, open up the modules, and get going. Everything is sectioned into simple, actionable steps so you can start getting results right away.

Short, Sweet, and to the point

I know your time is valuable, so I'm not here to waste it. Each lesson is under 15 minutes in length so you don't have to commit unreasonable lengths of time to learn something. Every lesson maintains my No B.S. style- no beating around the bush here.

Course Support

We are always monitoring our inboxes at Talking Realty. If you have a question about something in the course or something isn't working the way it's supposed to, we're here for you. We strive to resolve all requests within 24 hours.

An Insane Money Back Guarantee

You've probably realized by now, I'm a little "out there". That's about to work in your favor. If this course doesn't pay for itself in 30 days, keep it and I'll give you 110% of your money back. Seriously.

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