Saying No Can Lead To More Yes!

Once upon a time there was a Realtor named Glen. Glen worked hard and was generally a pretty nice person. He liked pleasing people. He hoped that by delivering a crazy high level of service he would win some clients and those clients would tell other people how amazing he was.

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Time Management For The Self-Employed

Back in the day when I had a J-O-B, I dreamed about being self-employed. It was so intoxicating to imagine waking up every day with no boss telling me what to do, when to do it, or that I have to wear pants. Fast forward a few months into my then-new real estate career and like a lot of people, the dream of no boss and no schedule turned into a nightmare…except I couldn’t wake up.

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Realtors… Don’t Quit Your Day Job

There is no warm-and-fuzzy camaraderie among most agents. There is only a healthy dose of mistrust and a lot of plastered smiles. You get used to it, but it never really becomes comfortable–if it does, you should probably get out now and save what’s left of your soul.

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